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The three most important step of home care:

  • Cleansing:Using an nonirritating cleansing products to                        remove residue from the skin;

  • Moisture:Our body is made up of about 70% of water                            just like our skin and so naturally we should                          consume enough water to keep our skin                                hydrated and enough to recycle our skin's                            capacity every so often;

  • Protector:Everything on earth is polluted,and we know                        how to protect your skin from external stimuli

  • verymom line is also good for home care.especially mask (after refrigerator is better)

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Acne Skin

  • Cause      Irregular turn over cycle / Anaerobic Acne 

  • Solution    Normal turn over cycle after resurfacing treatment​

                       Oxygen and mineral is carried into the powder and deliver to                           acne skin.

                       Eliminates anaerobic acne Bactria and acne origin

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