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Aims to heal the skin from within as an organic resurfacing program which renews cells resulting in firm and healthy skin. Troipeel aims to relieve multiple skin problems such as wrinkles, acne, hyper-pigmentation, and chronic redness.​

90 min ~ ₩250,000  

Mild Troipeel

A milder version of the Troipeel. Contains a smaller amount of product.

90 min ~ ₩150,000  


Acne Program

Dedicated to controlling harmful bacteria and shrinking the pores for smoother and clearer skin.

60 min ~ ₩150,000  

Spot Out

Catered towards sensitive skin with chronic redness. Stimulates blood circulation and recovers bursted blood vessels.

60 min ~ ₩250,000  

sea plants


Stabilizes and rejuvenates the skin with a specially formulated cocktail of nourishing vitamins.

60 min ~ ₩150,000  

Botox & Filler

 Botox: A unique face remodeling program that uses no needles. Produces a muscular contraction for a more youthful look.

Filler: Assists to eradicate wrinkles and give the skin more volume, increase the plumpness and elasticity.

60 min ~ ₩250,000  



Increases the immune system response and allows the skin to detox from harmful pollutants and free radicals from everyday life.

60 min ~ ₩150,000  

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