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Anti-Wrinkle Cream
  • Anti-Wrinkle Cream

    • APPLYING BOTOX, Neuro Peptide 4% prescription wrinkle and dark circle go away! It helps blood circulation around the eyes and relaxing wrinkles and dark circles to make clear eyes.
    • NATURAL PLANT PRESERVATIVE: It does not stimulate or irritate your eyes by using natural plant preservative.
    • SPECIAL INGREDIENTS: Sophora extract (activates anti-inflammatory), Hyaluronic acid (protects drying tissue around eye areas), Adenosine (skin cell regeneration booster)
    • PEPTIDE is very expensive ingredients among the cosmetic. Troiareuke uses 4% neuropeptide in it while others use under 1%.
    • The eye is called by "Heart of window". The skin around the eye area is 20~30% thinner than other skin so it gets wrinkles at first. We use the eye's muscle over 20,000 a day so that it needs care since a teenager.
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