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Troipeel At Home Kit
  • Troipeel At Home Kit


    Enjoy Home Aesthetic with Troipeel at home kit!


    Which means”exfoliating”.Normally a skin turnover occurs every 28days. The most outer skin layer,epidermis,is there to protect the skin,but if the skin turnover cycle is over 28 days,it reduces skin care absorption and causes dull,flaky,scaly,and irritated skin with fine lines.


    One of the most effective way of exfoliating[peeling] is herbal peeling.TROIPEEL is a one-of-the-kind herbal peeling brand which has been highly rated for the past 10years.Only experienced aestheticians are able to perform the TROIPEEL ,treatment after completing a training course.


    TROIPEEL at Home Kit comes with a serum and a spicule moisturizer.Spicule is the core element of troipeel herbal peeling,which allows you to do troipeel,aesthetic treatment at home!

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